Greek Legacy

Sophia Bilides Greek Legacy

E. Thomas Compact Discs ETD 101

One fantastic alto! Any connoisseur of the full-bodied, full-throated female voice will be enchanted by this highly recommended album. (Sing Out!)

An album that fairly shouts the word 'quality'. Her superb voice is heard to excellent effect in this fascinating singing style that straddles the cultural divide between East and West. (Folk Roots)

She is masterful in her command of the vocal pyrotechnics involved. (Valley Advocate)

Sonically stunning...a fabulous introduction into the world of Greek music. (Dirty Linen)

This is one of the most wonderful, well thought out, clearly recorded folk music records I've ever heard. (Pittsburgh Press)

Sophia Bilides and the excellent musicians on this disc have truly 'got it'... A strong, haunting voice with a lot of power, and a lot of heart. (KPFA)

For the first time in I can't tell you how many years, I put down the work I was doing and just listened to music. You'll want to break all the plates in the kitchen. If you can see through your tears. (Folkthings)

What could a second generation, New World born descendent of the old Diaspora possibly possess in the way of authentic Old World substance & exotic charm ? Plenty! (Rebetiko Row)

Vocalist Sophia Bilides, accompanied by an array of fine Greek instrumentalists, celebrates the beauty of her musical heritage on Greek Legacy, a rich collection encompassing a variety of styles: cabaret songs from Asia Minor (Smyrneika), urban blues of Athenian tavernas (Rebetika), old songs of Constantinople (Politika), refugee laments (Amanethes), lilting island melodies (Nissiotika), and dance songs of central Greece (Tsamika).

1. O Amarandos (The Amaranth)
2. Apo Tin Athina (From Athens)
3. Ase Me (Leave Me)
4. Mia Mavri Petra (One Black Stone)
5. I Smyrnia (Woman of Smyrna)
6. Dervisaki (Dervish)
7. Me Yelase (I Was Deceived)
8. Dimitroula (Dimitroula)
9. Then Me Lipase (You Don't Pity Me)
10. Itia (Willow)
11. Poles Fores I Karthia Rayizi (The Heart Breaks)
12. Eleni (Eleni)

Sophia Bilides (vocals, zilia) ~ Artemis Theodos (violi) ~ George Stathos (clarino) ~ John Roussos (santouri)
Harry Bedrossian (outi) ~ Gary Giannoukos (bouzouki) ~ Sotirois Klotsoni (baglama)
James Kachulis (laouto) ~ Tom Babbin (laouto) ~ Nikos Veropoulos (doumbeleki)

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